Cleaning household or office windows often turns into a nightmare for any inexperienced individual. Not only is the task of cleaning time-consuming, but it is also heavily dangerous considering that it involves hanging on roofs and climbing ladders that may create a wide-open room for injuries. We, at Cleaner Image, is right here to assist you to accomplish the task of cleaning windows the professional way and ensure that your windows are left spotless and free from stains.

Helping You through Cleaning of Windows
We understand that you are left with little to no time due to long office hours during weekdays and whatever time you get on weekends is better spent with family and friends. This is why we provide 24 hours cleaning services. We deploy trained professionals towards cleaning and washing your windows, so that your windows are clear inside out and sparkle to full measures providing you picturesque views of outdoor surroundings. We are driven towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction, which means that even if you are not satisfied with our services, you can give us a call to have us back correcting the issue.

We Make No Compromises on Quality
Whether residential or commercial, Cleaner Image bears the competence and ability to clean all kinds of windows. We leverage the power of cutting-edge tools and equipment that assist us to deliver in the quickest time-frame possible, while maintaining the quality of our services. Also, a complete and thorough background check is performed on our cleaning technicians, so that you are always at a peace of mind when they visit you.

Contact Us Now
If your windows need immediate cleaning, it is about time you get in touch with Cleaner Image and call us at (310) 544-1028 or send an email to We promise to get back to you within the shortest time possible.