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Quality Cleaning Solutions For Over 20 Years.

Cleaner Image is a premier provider of Los Angeles commercial and residential cleaning services, known to offer eminent customer care and quality cleaning solutions for over 20 years. Benefit from our many years of experience, 24 hours janitorial service facility, and immediate results. Regardless of whether you have commercial or residential cleaning issues, or are looking for a trusted provider, we can help you find a quality solution instantly. Our qualified and friendly staff members are trained to provide excellent management and superior customer service. Our never say no attitude makes us better than others in the industry. No cleaning assignment is hard or impossible for us, we provide residential and commercial cleaning service, regardless of the difficulty level associated with it.

We are a licenced, bonded, and insured cleaning services provider in Los Angeles, known to provide periodic carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, janitorial service, and special cleaning projects including wall washing, and venetian blind cleaning, among others. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with us. Once you hire us, you can be rest assured that your cleaning needs are in right hands.

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