Top 5 Tips from the Pros to Clean Your Carpet

A carpet, without a doubt, is a useful household itemthat very often falls prey to spills, drops or dust that come with footwear. Since, a carpet serves as the prime facie object that defines pretty much the overall outlook of your room, it is crucial to keep it stain free, so as to createa hospitable and clean environment at your home for your visitors or guests.So how is it you can keep your carpets clean and stain free? Our professional cleaning experts have compiled a list of top 5 tips that will enable you to keep your carpets shining and absolutely spotless. Take a look.

5 Tips from Pros to Get Your Carpets Cleaned
Blot Rather than Rubbing
One of the most common practices that majority of household dwellers follow whenever they spot a stain is rubbing it by a cloth. Rubbing actually spreads dust particles that are difficult to get out; this eventually loosens up carpet fibers;therefore, it is advisable to blot the stain by applying pressure through a cloth and soaking the content. Remember to blot the stain inward, since any outward action could lead to spreading the stain.

Club Soda, an Effective Cleaning Agent
Yes, you heard it right. Club soda, one of the most commonly found items in the kitchen of nearly every householdcan actually help you to remove carpet stains. Club soda acts very effectively against wine and beer stains and removes them rather quickly.

Shaving Cream can also comeacross Very Helpful
Experts suggest that shaving cream is by far the most effective cleaning agent for just about any type of stain. Apply a small proportion of shaving cream throughout the stained area and leave it there for 30 minutes. Use a dry cloth to blot the shaving cream. Subsequently, use vinegar and water solution to clean the surface.

Remove Chewing Gum by Freezing It
Getting a chewing gum on your carpet is gross. Either you stepped on a chewing gum on the road and carried it all the way back to your home or simply a child, just to have fun, decided to ruin the look of your carpet by sticking gum on it.Both ways, your carpet is pretty much ruined. The best way to remove a chewing gum from the carpet is to freeze it via ice cubes and lift the glob through a spoon.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide
There are some stains that leave a darkened spot on the carpet and look very hideous. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean such stains. Apply a small amount directly to the stain and use a clean towel to clean up the residue.
Even after applying these techniques, ifyou are unable to clean your carpet, dial (310) 544-1028, or send an e-mail to Have you used any other tips to clean your carpet? Share your experiences in the comments’ section.

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