How to Pressure Wash Your Home? 4 Tips from Experts

The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to the harsh environments, like rain, wind, dirt, mold, insects, and birds. As a result, in due course of time the outside covering and surrounding of your house degrade, discolor, oxidize and worn off. At this point, pressure washing can help you restore the beauty of your home by creating a clean, attractive and well-maintained exterior.

If you are not familiar with the process of pressure washing, you can hire our residential pressure washing Los Angeles service, or you can even do it yourself by following some great tips as below.

Know about your machine

Go through the operation and safety manuals of the pressure washer, whether it is powered by electricity or gas. If you are using a rented one from a local company, ask them to show how to operate the pressure washer safely. Get acquainted with switches and other safety features of the pressure washing machine.

Take safety into account

If operated incorrectly, pressure washing machines can pose considerable danger. High water pressure can damage the property. A new machine is even capable of taking the paint right off the home surface. It is advisable to put on eye and ear protection, gloves, boots and long-sleeved shirts. Besides, keep the nozzle of the sprayer under control and make sure that nobody is nearby when you are moving the stream. Be careful around frames, doors, and windows.

Don’t overplay

Not every time your home needs the highest pressure setting. In fact, a residential pressure washing can be sufficiently done in low setting. Every system contains various levels of settings and interchangeable nozzles to control pressure. Consult the manuals for specifics. First apply the chemicals properly from the ground up and without letting the chemical dry, rinse it off.

Cover one section at a time

At a time, soak one area with cleaning solution for 3-5 minutes. While waiting for the first area, you may soak the next one. Once the cleaning solution has been left for sufficient time, rinse it thoroughly with pressure washing till all soapy scum is gone. Don’t let the cleaning solution dry on the exterior surface as it will redeposit the dirt that has been loosened.

With a selection of the right pressure washing equipment, you can easily pressure wash your home. However, if you find difficulty in doing so, don’t hesitate to take professional help.

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