Did You Know About These 4 Filthiest Places in Your Office?

Many of you might not have even aware of, but certain places in your office are home to millions of germs and bacteria. Did you know that, on an average, the area at your desk where you rest your hand contains around 10,000,000 bacteria! The figures may scare you, however, from water cooler to keyboards, there are several contaminated spots in your office which harbor many times more bacteria that an average toilet seat. No wonder why businesses are increasingly employing commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles to get their workplaces cleansed and sanitized.

Let us get to know what the dirtiest places in your workplace are.


Telephones which you grab several times a day contain many germs because as you talk, you spit from your mouth that accumulates on the mouthpiece. Not only that, but your hands are not that clean either. After all, who cleans a phone? It all makes the phone a favorable dwelling place for pathogens. Therefore, once in a while, keep wiping down the handle to avoid the contact with bacteria.

Elevator buttons

Just think how many fingers daily touch the elevator button? And, not all the fingers are clean which makes those buttons to collect the filthiest germs people are carrying with them. It is not uncommon that some of the people might have even sneezed or coughed covering their mouths with hands and later transferred the bacteria to the elevator buttons. Try to wash your hands after touching the elevator buttons, and if you can’t, at least avoid touching your face that time.


Every day, employees spend most of their working hours with keyboards. But if you continue touching water filter, coffee pots, doorknobs and other dirty places; you are carrying bacteria with yourself to keyboards. In addition, many people eat at their desks, dropping bits of food on keyboards that may become breeding grounds for germs.


It is not surprising that bathrooms and toilets are indeed the dirtiest places in an office. Did you know that during flushing a toilet with a lid up, water spray to several meters in the air? What’s more, you may be washing your hands properly, others may not. It means the door knob of the toilet you are going to touch already contains transferred bacteria from other persons.

The facts and figure mentioned above may give you a start. However, you can take precautionary measures only when you are fully informed.

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