Best and Affordable Cleaning Service Schools accommodate a large number of students for certain time period. If the building is not managed properly, the chances of the educational facility becoming breeding grounds for diseases increases manifold. Whether it is college or university, or high school, cleanliness of the school has a direct impact on the … Continue reading SCHOOL CLEANING SERVICES IN LOS ANGELES

Carpet cleaning services Los Angeles

A clean and tidied-up home brightens the day and completely invigorates the senses of home-owners. However, a major part of this sheer satisfaction comes from well-cleaned carpets. Carpets, although, take the feel and look of your home several notches up, they also form as a breeding ground for germs and allergens that can put your … Continue reading Carpet cleaning services Los Angeles

Pressure Washing in Los Angeles

Pressure washing is a swift and efficient way to clean siding, driveways, decks, and other exterior areas of home and office. At Cleaner Image, we know how to do it right. Consult our trained professionals to reduce the hassle of pressure washing in Los Angeles. Our 20+ years of experience has taught the importance of … Continue reading Pressure Washing in Los Angeles

Construction Site Cleaning Services in LA

The mess left post construction is always a nightmare for building owners. Cleaning procedures are fairly labor-intensive and require significant workforce persuasion to finish-up the task of clearing the debris lying around the building. This often doesn’t bode out well for majority of building owners in terms of both time and capital availability. Cleaner Image, … Continue reading Construction Site Cleaning Services in LA

Floor Waxing and Cleaning Services

A spotless and immaculately cleaned floor that reflects everything is indeed crucial for office spaces. Clean floors and well-scrubbed surfaces attract everyone’s attention including prospective clients’. This is always good for making a lasting impression and exuding complete class and sheer professionalism. Cleaner Image helps you through the task of cleaning your floors to an … Continue reading Floor Waxing and Cleaning Services


Cleaning household or office windows often turns into a nightmare for any inexperienced individual. Not only is the task of cleaning time-consuming, but it is also heavily dangerous considering that it involves hanging on roofs and climbing ladders that may create a wide-open room for injuries. We, at Cleaner Image, is right here to assist … Continue reading Window

Janitorial Services Los Angeles

A clean workplace is indeed a great way to impress both clients and visitors. Cleaner Image is among the market leaders known to provide corporate and professional janitorial services for over 20 years. We understand how hard it gets to administer cleaning protocols within the work-space, reception area or at the storefront; therefore, we have … Continue reading Janitorial Services Los Angeles