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Commercial Cleaning Los Angeles: How to Keep Your Business Facility Shining

If you’re a business owner in Los Angeles, then you know that keeping your commercial facility clean is essential for success. Not only does it make a good impression on customers and clients, but it also helps keep your employees healthy and productive. This blog post will deliver some tips on commercial cleaning that will help you keep your business premises shining!

Why commercial cleaning is essential for businesses in Los Angeles?

As we mentioned before, commercial cleaning is vital for businesses in Los Angeles for many reasons. First and foremost, it creates a good impression on customers and clients. If your commercial facility is clean and well-maintained, it shows that you take pride in your business and are professional. It can bear a long way in building customer trust and loyalty.

In addition, commercial cleaning also helps to keep your employees healthy and productive. A clean workplace is a safe workplace, which is especially important in preventing the spread of illness. Moreover, studies have shown that employees are more productive in clean and organized workplaces. Therefore, regular commercial cleaning can help boost your bottom line!

What are the kinds of commercial cleaning services available in Los Angeles?

Many commercial cleaning companies in Los Angeles offer a variety of services. Standard services include office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing. Most commercial cleaning companies will customize their services to meet the specific needs of their clients.

When exploring a commercial cleaning company in Los Angeles, it is vital to consider the size of your business and your budget. Many small businesses can benefit from hiring a part-time or full-time cleaner. However, if you have a larger facility, you may need to hire a team of cleaners to keep your business shining. Regardless of the extent of your business, there is a commercial cleaning company in Los Angeles that can meet your needs.

What are the advantages of keeping a clean business facility?

A clean business facility can provide many benefits, from improved employee productivity to creating a positive first impression for customers. A commercial cleaning company can assist you to keep your business facility shining and looking its best. Here is some guidance on how to maintain your business facility clean:

● Develop a cleaning schedule: Having a regular cleaning schedule is vital for keeping your business facility clean. Your commercial cleaning company can help you develop a customized cleaning schedule that fits the needs of your business.
● Focus on high-traffic areas: High-traffic areas of your business facility, such as the lobby or reception area, should be given extra attention to stay clean. Dusting, vacuuming and mopping will help reduce dirt and grime in these areas.
● Empty wastebaskets: Be sure to empty all wastebaskets and trash cans regularly. It will help keep your facility smelling fresh and clean.
● Sanitize restrooms: Restrooms should be cleaned and sanitized daily to prevent the spread of germs. Your commercial cleaning company can help you keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

How to keep your business facility clean?

You can do a few things to ensure that your commercial facility is always clean and presentable. First, make sure to hire a reputable and reliable commercial cleaning company. It will ensure that your premises are cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Second, make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. It will help you stay on top of the cleaning tasks and ensure that nothing gets missed. Finally, make sure to provide your employees with the necessary cleaning supplies and materials. This way, they can help with the cleaning tasks and clean their work areas.

You can keep your commercial facility shining all year round by following these tips! If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company in Los Angeles, be sure to check out Cleaner Image. We deliver a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

5 Benefits Of Hiring Janitorial Services

A clean workplace is essential for the productivity of employees as they are spending more time in office than anywhere else.  Many organizations rely on their employees to keep their working environment clean and tidy. In Los Angeles, janitorial maintenance is provided by Cleaner Image, and we can make a huge difference to your business by saving a lot of time and money. Here are some benefits of hiring our services:

1.    More Productivity

When your employees work in a clean and organized office, they are more focused on their work. Recent research suggests almost 90 % of office workers feel more productive in a cleaner environment. With our professional services, you can ensure that employees will have their personal space organized, have clear desks.

2.    Savings

When you outsource the work to us, we ensure that your employees are focused, and you have peace of mind and that they are paying more attention to their primary work. It will help you in creating a better work-environment and will have a significant impact on the operational costs as well, as you don’t have to hire too many full-time employees for cleaning purpose.

3.    Healthier Environment

In the absence of professional cleaners, your office can easily be a prey to dirt and bacteria build-up. With so many

people using office facilities, eating at their desks and touching surfaces and office equipment, it becomes very easy for the germs and bacteria to spread. They can also cause illness which may result in an increase in sick leaves taken. Our cleaners are trained professionally in sanitation practices to ensure that your office is hygienic, healthy and free from germs.

4.    Improvement In Workforce Morale

When you give your employees a cleaner work-environment, they also feel cared for, and it has a lasting effect on their morale. They work harder and like to spend more time in office which makes them loyal to their jobs.

5.    Experience & Expertise

Cleaner Image has been a preferred choice of both SMBs and many established organizations for almost two decades. We follow the highest standards of cleaning. Our cleaners are given expert training and have the proper experience to ensure that your office is not just cleaned at the surface but cleaned deeply and thoroughly, so you know that you are getting a professional service.

Wrapping Up

Cleaner Image is a leading Janitorial maintenance in Los Angeles provider, and with us, you can rest assured of quality services at all times.

5 DIY Tricks to Clean Carpet like A Pro

You devote several hours to house cleaning and making every nook & corner shine. However, you despise the mammoth task of carpet cleaning. If you feel so, you are not alone. Carpets regularly become victims of stains, dirt, dust, drops, and accidents. It is tough to keep them stain-free and maintained all the time. Is it so? Of course not. With some pro tips, you can keep easily get rid of those stubborn stains.

As we are a renowned Los Angeles carpet cleaning service, we share some secret professional tips to clean your carpet.

Target spills promptly

Any small accident can become a stain if it is not treated in a straight way. Your carpet cleaning solution if applied immediately will be able to work on the spills before it soaks in. Therefore, keep the carpet cleaning solution readily available.

Do not rub

If you don’t want to make the carpet stains stubborn, resist your temptation of rubbing them. Rubbing make the condition worse as it allows the spill to soak in the carpet. Instead, dab the stain with a good cleaning solution and clean rug, sponge or paper towel. Always start from outside the stain and gradually move inward as blotting upward will spread the stain to a larger area.

Vacuuming is the key

Vacuuming up your carpet will make the job much easier as it removes every tangled dust particles and debris. After vacuuming, it is advisable to check a small area first (just to test the effect of the carpet cleaning solution on the carpet).

Pre-treat for better results

Carpets are usually very dirty and dusty. Therefore, try applying a pre-treatment solution before you begin general cleaning. Many carpet cleaner modules contain a pre-treatment kit, i.e., a bottle of solution and applicator wand. Spray this solution on the heavily filthy areas and leave for a few minutes before you start general cleaning.

Clean in straight lines

To attain the most thorough cleaning, use parallel strokes with carpet cleaning solution. Another smart tip is to push the carpet cleaner at half the speed of that on an upright vacuum. Use steady for best results.

To keep your carpet spotless all the time, don’t take long gaps between washes. In addition, seek professional help when your carpet needs in-depth cleaning. Following all these tips will keep your carpet new looking for a longer time. Share your carpet cleaning experience with us.

How to Pressure Wash Your Home? 4 Tips from Experts

The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to the harsh environments, like rain, wind, dirt, mold, insects, and birds. As a result, in due course of time the outside covering and surrounding of your house degrade, discolor, oxidize and worn off. At this point, pressure washing can help you restore the beauty of your home by creating a clean, attractive and well-maintained exterior.

If you are not familiar with the process of pressure washing, you can hire our residential pressure washing Los Angeles service, or you can even do it yourself by following some great tips as below.

Know about your machine

Go through the operation and safety manuals of the pressure washer, whether it is powered by electricity or gas. If you are using a rented one from a local company, ask them to show how to operate the pressure washer safely. Get acquainted with switches and other safety features of the pressure washing machine.

Take safety into account

If operated incorrectly, pressure washing machines can pose considerable danger. High water pressure can damage the property. A new machine is even capable of taking the paint right off the home surface. It is advisable to put on eye and ear protection, gloves, boots and long-sleeved shirts. Besides, keep the nozzle of the sprayer under control and make sure that nobody is nearby when you are moving the stream. Be careful around frames, doors, and windows.

Don’t overplay

Not every time your home needs the highest pressure setting. In fact, a residential pressure washing can be sufficiently done in low setting. Every system contains various levels of settings and interchangeable nozzles to control pressure. Consult the manuals for specifics. First apply the chemicals properly from the ground up and without letting the chemical dry, rinse it off.

Cover one section at a time

At a time, soak one area with cleaning solution for 3-5 minutes. While waiting for the first area, you may soak the next one. Once the cleaning solution has been left for sufficient time, rinse it thoroughly with pressure washing till all soapy scum is gone. Don’t let the cleaning solution dry on the exterior surface as it will redeposit the dirt that has been loosened.

With a selection of the right pressure washing equipment, you can easily pressure wash your home. However, if you find difficulty in doing so, don’t hesitate to take professional help.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourced Janitorial Services?

If you are planning to outsource your office’s cleaning services, it should be done with due diligence. Once outsourced successfully it can help streamline the agency and the budget as well. Here are some important benefits of outsourcing the work to Los Angeles janitorial services company.

Various Kinds Of Companies

In the market there is a different kind of businesses, the traditional ones hire employees/workers usually for a minimum wage. The enterprises that franchise often maintain their operator team and they are continuously looking for orders to be successful so in Los Angeles, janitorial services are easy to find.

Cleanliness Assured

Almost every janitorial service providers have their primary concern as cleanliness. The office cleaning companies are focused on providing the best cleanliness. Their staff is trained, and the quality of the work is assessed. In the case of outsourcing, it is not the responsibility of your company but is the responsibility of the cleaning company. It saves you from liability and other concerns of managing additional staff.

More Availability

With outsourcing, you can be assured that the problems related to the issue of the holidays, leave of absences, and other attendances-related concerns no longer exist. It also ensures that you will certainly get cleaning staff under any circumstances.

High Standards

They also maintain the highest levels of the health and the hygiene. They spend a lot of time in safety training as they have to main the same high-quality levels at all the times. Not just this they will stay up to date with the best cleaning products and the equipment. Los Angeles janitorial service makes use of innovative and efficient cleaning equipment, and it tries to give the best quality at all times.

Fit Your Budget

Most of the companies opting for outsourced cleaning have limited funds. If you want to keep the costs under control, you can do it by controlling the frequency of cleaning. Based on your needs, you can scale up or scale down the amount of cleaning required in the office.

Saves Money & Environment

With the help of the outsourced cleaning services, you save money on maintenance, employment, equipment, uniforms, inventory and similar another kind of expenses. We use the eco-friendly products so don’t have to worry about it.

Thus, with outsourced janitorial services, you can get more time and money to focus on your core business while we take care of the cleanup.

Did You Know About These 4 Filthiest Places in Your Office?

Many of you might not have even aware of, but certain places in your office are home to millions of germs and bacteria. Did you know that, on an average, the area at your desk where you rest your hand contains around 10,000,000 bacteria! The figures may scare you, however, from water cooler to keyboards, there are several contaminated spots in your office which harbor many times more bacteria that an average toilet seat. No wonder why businesses are increasingly employing commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles to get their workplaces cleansed and sanitized.

Let us get to know what the dirtiest places in your workplace are.


Telephones which you grab several times a day contain many germs because as you talk, you spit from your mouth that accumulates on the mouthpiece. Not only that, but your hands are not that clean either. After all, who cleans a phone? It all makes the phone a favorable dwelling place for pathogens. Therefore, once in a while, keep wiping down the handle to avoid the contact with bacteria.

Elevator buttons

Just think how many fingers daily touch the elevator button? And, not all the fingers are clean which makes those buttons to collect the filthiest germs people are carrying with them. It is not uncommon that some of the people might have even sneezed or coughed covering their mouths with hands and later transferred the bacteria to the elevator buttons. Try to wash your hands after touching the elevator buttons, and if you can’t, at least avoid touching your face that time.


Every day, employees spend most of their working hours with keyboards. But if you continue touching water filter, coffee pots, doorknobs and other dirty places; you are carrying bacteria with yourself to keyboards. In addition, many people eat at their desks, dropping bits of food on keyboards that may become breeding grounds for germs.


It is not surprising that bathrooms and toilets are indeed the dirtiest places in an office. Did you know that during flushing a toilet with a lid up, water spray to several meters in the air? What’s more, you may be washing your hands properly, others may not. It means the door knob of the toilet you are going to touch already contains transferred bacteria from other persons.

The facts and figure mentioned above may give you a start. However, you can take precautionary measures only when you are fully informed.

How To Get More From Commercial Janitorial Services?

Whether you are a manager looking for commercial janitorial services in Los Angeles CA or you a firm that is going to renew the janitorial contract, these tips can be handy for you.

The Pricing of Services

It is not just the price, but the clarity and transparency in the quote sent by you and the pricing offered by the janitorial.  If your current janitorial services provider or the new provider is not offering a clear pricing and a detailed quote, it means that you are not getting the right opportunity to compare the various quotes from different agencies. When the janitorial provides a complete cleaning quote and a transparent pricing, you can make them responsible for the promises made by them. This kind of reliability and accountability is right not just for you but the industry as well.

Lower Turnover Is Better

When the janitorial turnover is high, it costs you money and may even put safety at risk as the new faces continuously access your premises and you’ll have to update your records again and again. The excess turnover reduces the value of the janitorial as the team members get less work done during the assigned shifts. The high turnover also costs the janitorial service provider more money, and this affects the prices.

Choose What You Need the Most

Your commercial janitorial partner can be of great use if you are finding it difficult to cut the budgets. Most of the experienced service providers have the knowledge to reduce the service in a way that fits your budget without reducing the service levels to the extent that they become unacceptable. The commercial janitorial services in Los Angeles CA can customize the plan which falls in sweet-spot and meets the specific requirements as well. You can get the benefit of the scalability to respond to changing or even the seasonal needs.

Industry Certifications Are Better To Have

It is crucial that the service provider has the necessary certifications and has proven its capabilities in the market. One such certification in ISSA CIIMS and the service provider that possess this certification mean that their firm is being run effectively and efficiently. The management of the company is highly experienced, and they know how to keep the costs in control and deliver value to the client.

Finally, if you want to get more from your service provider, you must follow these tips and get quality services that are cost-effective.

Looking for Commercial janitorial services in Los Angeles, CA? Reach out to us at (310) 544–1028 or send an email to We will glad to assist you in keeping your workplace clean and presentable.

Why Cleaning is so Important for Schools?

A large school has many students from different age groups. If the school administration doesn’t take care of the premises, it may become a breeding ground for various diseases.

Cleanliness Matters

It doesn’t matter whether it is a college or a high-grade school, cleanliness matters a lot and it directly affects the environment. If schools are not cleaned on a daily basis, they may well become the breeding ground for flu, virus, and many other kinds of bacteria. School cleanliness doesn’t relate to acceptable cleaning only, it helps in promoting health, wellness, and the safety of the students.

How Should Schools Go About It?

Most of the schools have the staff to manage the cleaning of the premises, but they are limited with resources and expertise. It is where an external agency can help the school. It can take care of the ballooning budgets and has the required expertise as well. Most of the cleaning service providers like ours have multiple clients where quality services are rendered to multiple clients. So outsourcing cleaning services for schools is a very good option.

How To Identify The Best In Business?

Now that you have understood the importance of cleaning services for the schools, it is equally important to find the best service provider. It is always better to go with an experienced and reputed one. It means that the service provider has served various kinds of the clients and you don’t have to worry too much on the expertise front.

Cleaner Image Has Every Thing You’ll Want

With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we have served many kinds of clients in the area and have provided satisfactory cleaning solutions. With Cleaner Image, you can rest assured that you are with the best in the industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are concerned about your restrooms or the classrooms; we have cleaned every bit and corner. Your search for a spotless look for your school premises ends here. Let’s take a look at why are we so special.

Highlights of Cleaner Image

  • Vast experience bring us the confidence to take any projects or sign any new customer
  • 24*7 janitorial services facility
  • Professionals that are the best in the industry
  • A reputation that is hard earned

In the end, Cleaner Image has proven capabilities, and we are happy to serve you. Call us @ (310) 544-1028 or drop a line at

Should You Outsource Cleaning Services?

Cleanliness is breeds a healthy environment. Imagine your workplace, home, or school looking one heck of a place with dirt all over. Not cool, is it? Now imagine a day of beautiful weather and all you want to do is sit beside the window and look outside but suddenly you realize that all you can see from your window is dirt. Lots and lots of it! Such a turn off it is.

There are many professional window cleaning services by which not only the house gets benefits from, but also the homeowners as well. As it has been observed that all surfaces of a house like decks, fences, and other outdoor surfaces accumulate dirt and dust over time, these become necessary to clean by the time. Likewise, the windows get exposures to the dust which can in-turn make the surface dirty or even as a neglected eyesore. That is why a regular washing and cleaning becomes important.

High Rise: Importance of Window Cleaning
The high rise of window cleaning services today cannot be removed otherwise as it saves money and effort in the long term by reducing the need to repaint or replace the same. The deep clean provided by washing is also a safety precaution. Rust on the outside of the windows can creep into the walls and cause structural damage as well as health issues. Dirt and mold together on the deck of the windows near the reach of the people can also become slippery and dangerous when pushed to open of closed.

  1. Cleaned windows make a huge difference to the atmosphere as well as the ambiance of any space. Whether it is the shop, office, school or any other business, it always makes to feel better when the windows are clean.
  2. Dull or filthy windows make people feel gloomy; whereas if the windows are cleaned, they automatically make people feel fresh and alert.
  3. The properly cleaned windows let in more light in the interiors of the school, offices, and other buildings. Little light makes people depressed, whereas most of the people feel better when the sun shines through the window. So, to maintain it, the best cure is to hire professional Los Angeles School cleaning services for ensuring the windows are cleaned properly.

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services?
Here, are the top 3 reasons to get the answer of it—

Use of Professional Equipment:
The high-quality window cleaning effort requires squeegees, extension poles, ladders, eco-friendly cleaning solution, and a more. When there is the hiring of a window cleaning service, people will not have to worry about having the necessary equipment, or even storing it for the next session. The reason being the professionals have the proper equipment, by varying techniques to clean a variety of windows in the quick and efficient way.

A Smudge-Free Service
The professional window cleaners have par experience in tooling when cleaning windows which result in streak free and smudge free windows. Hence, the windows look glamorous, bright and shiny, and make the schools, offices, homes and other buildings more inviting!

Saves Time
It is true that window cleaning is a time-consuming process, especially when the process of cleaning is done to both interior and exterior windows. When hiring Los Angeles School cleaning services, it gives the entire building an opportunity to focus on its important looks, structure so that the people might get attracted and takes their children to study in a favorable environment.

Closing Lines
Hence, people can schedule window cleaning appointment anytime. The team of experienced cleaners of Cleaner Image is dedicated to providing outstanding customer services.

Reasons Why Your Building Needs Construction Cleanup and Janitorial Service

Many people believe that they do not need cleaning service for their office building. However, the pace at which some of the businesses are expanding, they require more workforces to manage the work, which in turns raises the requirement for more space. Whether the company expands its current facility or builds another building altogether, they will agree to one thing that the construction work leads to the generation of a lot of mess. This mess needs to be cleared and for that, they require the assistance of construction cleaning services.

After the post construction cleaning, it is imperative for companies to invest in janitorial service as well. It will not look nice that the new setup is dirty and even after spending a considerable amount of money it is not suitable for professionals to sit and work there.

Thus, for businesses in Los Angeles that are looking to expand or who are yet to hire a cleaning service, they must make efforts to get in touch with a high-quality construction cleanup service or janitorial service. One way to go about the task is through recommendations from friends. On the other hand, you may search for such agencies via the Internet.

Now, to understand why it is such a big deal to avail construction cleanup service or janitorial service for the office, we need to go through these pointers.

For a Well-kept Office

Professionals need good space to work and you, as an owner, are liable to provide them such a space. A well-kept and spotless office will keep the current employees happy as well as help form a good impression on future recruits. Moreover, as the entire workplace will be kept pristine, there would be less impact on the health of professionals.

Helps You Avoid Distraction Because Of Pity Issues

For a business owner, the last thing to be on the table would be a complaint citing unclean toilets, or dusty workstations and carpets. To avoid such a situation it is necessary to have a professional janitorial service. They have the expertise in the domain and can seamlessly take over the daily maintenance need of the office or building.

Janitorial services train their employees with efficient cleaning methods, which help them deliver results that are more than just a job well done.

They Have the Expertise

Just like you hold expertise in your domain, janitorial service providers have expertise in keeping the place neat and tidy. So, the moment you hire janitorial service in Los Angeles, you will witness a stark improvement in the cleanliness of your workspace. Construction cleanup service in Los Angeles works with a single goal which is to ensure the building is debris- free.

Final Words

A professional construction cleanup service or janitorial service for your business in Los Angeles will ensure that your workspace is clean and deliver a professional, polished site that will, in turn, benefit your business.