5 DIY Tricks to Clean Carpet like A Pro

You devote several hours to house cleaning and making every nook & corner shine. However, you despise the mammoth task of carpet cleaning. If you feel so, you are not alone. Carpets regularly become victims of stains, dirt, dust, drops, and accidents. It is tough to keep them stain-free and maintained all the time. Is it so? Of course not. With some pro tips, you can keep easily get rid of those stubborn stains.

As we are a renowned Los Angeles carpet cleaning service, we share some secret professional tips to clean your carpet.

Target spills promptly

Any small accident can become a stain if it is not treated in a straight way. Your carpet cleaning solution if applied immediately will be able to work on the spills before it soaks in. Therefore, keep the carpet cleaning solution readily available.

Do not rub

If you don’t want to make the carpet stains stubborn, resist your temptation of rubbing them. Rubbing make the condition worse as it allows the spill to soak in the carpet. Instead, dab the stain with a good cleaning solution and clean rug, sponge or paper towel. Always start from outside the stain and gradually move inward as blotting upward will spread the stain to a larger area.

Vacuuming is the key

Vacuuming up your carpet will make the job much easier as it removes every tangled dust particles and debris. After vacuuming, it is advisable to check a small area first (just to test the effect of the carpet cleaning solution on the carpet).

Pre-treat for better results

Carpets are usually very dirty and dusty. Therefore, try applying a pre-treatment solution before you begin general cleaning. Many carpet cleaner modules contain a pre-treatment kit, i.e., a bottle of solution and applicator wand. Spray this solution on the heavily filthy areas and leave for a few minutes before you start general cleaning.

Clean in straight lines

To attain the most thorough cleaning, use parallel strokes with carpet cleaning solution. Another smart tip is to push the carpet cleaner at half the speed of that on an upright vacuum. Use steady for best results.

To keep your carpet spotless all the time, don’t take long gaps between washes. In addition, seek professional help when your carpet needs in-depth cleaning. Following all these tips will keep your carpet new looking for a longer time. Share your carpet cleaning experience with us.

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