5 Dirty Places in Your Home That Need Immediate Attention

No matter how much you clean your home, there are germs still left all over. There are several places in your home that are very much isolated and are thus verydifficult to clean. Germs, bacteria and allergens thrive on such places that can inflict infections or diseases on dwellers. In the following section you will get to know about such places and also how you can clean them, so that you can make sure your house is 100% clean. Take a look.
5 Dirty Places You Must Clean Immediately in Your House

1.Door Knobs, Handles and Light Switches
Door handles, knobs or light switches are often ignored whenever you clean your house. Although, these common household objects might appear shiny even if you don’t clean them for a while, they have a lot of dirt on them and you will be surprised how much shinier they start to appear once you clean them.

2.Your Bathroom
Maintaining sanitary hygiene is really important in a home. Since bathroom dirtiness is the root cause of majority of diseases, cleaning it, should hold prime importance. Make sure that the pot is cleansed using an effective disinfectant and each corner of the area is washed regularly. A dirty bathroom is the breeding ground for majority of germs and allergens; therefore, it is very important to clean it in a proper manner.

3.The Living Room
The living room is the most happening place in the house where you sit back, relax and sometimes eat with family, children and friends.You leave a lot of germs while hanging out in this room. Sometimes you don’t wash your hands or lay down simply on the carpet while having your shoes on or with dirty feet. You need to make sure that these germs don’t become the cause of diseases or infections. Therefore, clean your living room daily and consider washing it thoroughly at least once in a week.
4.Trash Can

Trash cans hold piles of house garbage that tends to rot over a certain period of time that not only leads to a foul smell but also opens window for many diseases, some of which are even life-threatening. Therefore, it is very important that you be wary of the hazards of an unattended trash can, and get rid of the garbage immediately.

5.Pet Spots
No matter how clean you keep your pets, they are bound to get dirty. Therefore, keep in check the hygiene of your pets on a regular basis and make sure that the areas where they rest are cleaned properly.
These are some common dirty places in your housethat need your immediate attention. You can always get in touch with us, if you are having problems with complete cleaning of your home. We can help you make your home spotless and dirt-free.

5 Completely Awesome Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Lovers

Tips for Pet Lovers
We all love pets, but the kind of mess they leave around the house is difficult to clean. Pet poop, urine, and hair are among a few things that are really hard to clean and leave the house owner rather exasperated. Fret not, in this article, we are providing a few simple home cleaning tips that will assist you greatly to get rid of the mess pets leave around in your house. Take a look.

5 Home Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Must Know About

1.Manage Your Pet’s Hair
Pet hair is indeed one of the most persistent problems that majority of pet owners face in the house. Pets, especially dogs, leave hair all around the house that are very difficult to clean. It is advisable here that you place a towel or a cloth beneath your pets wherever they rest. This way you will save your carpets and floor from getting ruined due to pet hair.

2.Remove Stains Immediately
Pet urine or vomit can cause lasting stains on mats, rigs, or carpets. Therefore, it is necessary that you clean them as soon as you spot them. The best way to get rid of the stain is to blot rather than rubbing it. You can use hydrogen peroxide, club soda or any other cleaning agent to clean the affected area.

3.Take Care of Paws
When pets come home from outside they tend to bring along a lot of dirt and mud and run all over the house, making the situation rather messy for you. The best way to avoid this is to train your pets to wait on the doormat for you to make their paws unsoiled before they enter the house. Also, as much as possible, keep paws of your pets clean at all times.

4.Keep a Stock of Cleaning Items
You never know when your pet causes a mess in your house. Therefore, it is alwaysa great idea to be prepared in advance and maintain a stock of cleaning items so that you are always ready whenever your pet decides to give your house a dirty makeover.

5.Stay Ahead
The best way to avoid your home from getting soiled from pet dirt is to stay one step ahead and groom your pets on a regular basis so that your home remains spotless at all times. Take a proactive stance and take your pets to grooming shops where professionals make sure they are cleansed of dirt and do not make your home dirty.
Although, these tips will really help youkeep your house clear of the mess created by pets, there are times when cleaning becomes really annoying and almost impossible, especially when dirty items include carpets, mats, and rugs. Get in touch with us in these desperate times to make sure your house remains free of the filth and dirt caused by pets. In case of any questions or doubts, you can always reach out to us by sharing your queries in the comments’ section below.

Top 5 Tips from the Pros to Clean Your Carpet

A carpet, without a doubt, is a useful household itemthat very often falls prey to spills, drops or dust that come with footwear. Since, a carpet serves as the prime facie object that defines pretty much the overall outlook of your room, it is crucial to keep it stain free, so as to createa hospitable and clean environment at your home for your visitors or guests.So how is it you can keep your carpets clean and stain free? Our professional cleaning experts have compiled a list of top 5 tips that will enable you to keep your carpets shining and absolutely spotless. Take a look.

5 Tips from Pros to Get Your Carpets Cleaned
Blot Rather than Rubbing
One of the most common practices that majority of household dwellers follow whenever they spot a stain is rubbing it by a cloth. Rubbing actually spreads dust particles that are difficult to get out; this eventually loosens up carpet fibers;therefore, it is advisable to blot the stain by applying pressure through a cloth and soaking the content. Remember to blot the stain inward, since any outward action could lead to spreading the stain.

Club Soda, an Effective Cleaning Agent
Yes, you heard it right. Club soda, one of the most commonly found items in the kitchen of nearly every householdcan actually help you to remove carpet stains. Club soda acts very effectively against wine and beer stains and removes them rather quickly.

Shaving Cream can also comeacross Very Helpful
Experts suggest that shaving cream is by far the most effective cleaning agent for just about any type of stain. Apply a small proportion of shaving cream throughout the stained area and leave it there for 30 minutes. Use a dry cloth to blot the shaving cream. Subsequently, use vinegar and water solution to clean the surface.

Remove Chewing Gum by Freezing It
Getting a chewing gum on your carpet is gross. Either you stepped on a chewing gum on the road and carried it all the way back to your home or simply a child, just to have fun, decided to ruin the look of your carpet by sticking gum on it.Both ways, your carpet is pretty much ruined. The best way to remove a chewing gum from the carpet is to freeze it via ice cubes and lift the glob through a spoon.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide
There are some stains that leave a darkened spot on the carpet and look very hideous. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean such stains. Apply a small amount directly to the stain and use a clean towel to clean up the residue.
Even after applying these techniques, ifyou are unable to clean your carpet, dial (310) 544-1028, or send an e-mail to info@cleanerimage.net. Have you used any other tips to clean your carpet? Share your experiences in the comments’ section.